K-index: Watchdog Bravely Monitors Public Corruption!

We are creating a new, IT data analysis tool, the K-index, which can determine the degree of potential risk in public institutions. We are developing and testing the K-index in cooperation with NGOs in the Ústí nad Labem and Karlovy Vary regions, after which it will benefit the public and public administration throughout the Czech Republic. But, why these two regions?

Both these regions are infamous for corruption cases, which simply has to change. Due to the social structure of the population (both regions have a number of socially excluded localities, low levels of education and other related problems) efforts to achieve the necessary changes are wholly inadequate. Our project wants to motivate and support active citizens as much as possible and initiate public awareness. 

We are also working with the anti-corruption organisations Stop tunelůmÚstecké šrouby and PROTEBE live in the Ústí nad Labem and Karlovy Vary regions. These have detailed knowledge of the environment in the tested regions and can help us gain better insight into the situation in regional public institutions. 

We must stop corruption in the Czech Republic as quickly as possible. The consequences are not just loss of money, but, for example, a distortion of the principles of the market economy (rising prices and goods), an inefficient and lagging state, the stagnated development of society in all areas, damage to the country’s reputation abroad and much more. However, the worst impact of corruption is the public’s growing distrust of the state and state administration. 

The tools to fight corruption at state level include prevention and repression, together with public control and political pressure at civic level. Education and awareness are vitally important at both levels, as every coin has two sides and corruption always has a briber and a bribee. We will help both the state and the public because we must put a quick end to such high levels of corruption.

Who’s helping us keep an eye on corruption?

The project is being supported by the Open Society Fund Prague from the Active Citizens Fund. The programme pro- motes citizens’ active participation in the public life and decision making and builds capacities of civil society organizations. It promo- tes respect of human dignity, freedom, democracy, equality, the rule of law and the respect for human rights including the rights of persons belonging to minorities. Active Citizens Fund came to the Czech Republic in September 2019 with the goal to support CSOs regardless of their size and experience. It is operated by the Open Society Fund Prague, Committee of Good Will – the Olga Havel Foundation and Scout Institute. The Active Citizens Fund is financed from EEA and Norway Grants 2014–2021. With EEA Grants, Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway contribute towards a reduction in economic and social disparity and the strengthening of mutual cooperation in Europe. One of the important objectives of the programme is strengthening bilateral cooperation between donor and beneficiary states through financial contributions in specified priority sectors. It supports bilateral relations between the donor states Norway, Iceland, and Liechtenstein and the Czech Republic.


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K-index: Hlídáme stát s odvahou!